WOSU News Archives For: October 22, 2012

New Kent State Exhibit Rekindles Memories Of Campus Shootings

Marcella Hartzler and Jimmy Riggs were in the crowd near Taylor Hall on May 4, and found the new Visitors Center too emotional to tour completely in one day.
22, 2012

Kent State’s more than $1 million memorial for students shot and killed a generation ago opened Monday after a weekend preview of the permanent multimedia exhibit that both honors, and tries to make sense of, a cultural watershed.

Mandel Unveils Healthcare Plan

Senate candidate Josh Mandel discusses his health care plan at an orthopedic practice in suburban Cleveland on Monday.
22, 2012

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel has released a ten-point health care blueprint as an alternative to the federal Affordable Care Act.

Trial Of Suspected Chardon Shooter Delayed Until Next Year

T.J. Lane's attorneys have said he suffers from hallucinations, psychosis and fantasies.
October 22, 2012

The trial of T.J. Lane, the Northeast Ohio teenager charged in a school shooting rampage that killed three students, has been delayed until Jan. 14 while his attorneys prepare an insanity defense.

Latest Independent Poll: Obama’s Ohio Lead Is Shrinking

The independent poll from Quinnipiac University says President Obama's lead has tightened to five percent. The previous Quinnipiac poll gave Mr. Obama a ten-point lead last month.
October 22, 2012

The Quinnipiac University poll released Monday gives President Obama a five-point lead in Ohio. That’s down from ten points a month ago.

Schools Leaning On Levies For Financial Future

File photo
22, 2012

Two-thirds of school levies on the ballot next month are asking voters to approve additional local dollars for education.

Online Voter Registration Raises Concerns Of Disabled, ADA Expert

Federal law requires all voting precincts to have at least one voting machine like this one that can provide an audio ballot for the vision-impaired.
22, 2012

Ohio polling places are required to make voting accessible for the disabled, but at least one voter is calling the state’s new online voter registration tool discriminatory.

Controversial Billboards Coming Down, Counter Message Going Up

Most of the original billboards (top) were placed in low-income, minority neighborhoods, and their placement – and timing – spurred critics to decry them as voter suppression tools, designed to scare away Latinos, African-Americans, and ex-felons from the polls come Election Day.
22, 2012

Clear Channel Outdoor says it’s tearing down 145 controversial billboards in Columbus, Cleveland and Milwaukee. The advertising giant has agreed to put up several billboards with a counter-message.