WOSU News Archives For: October 19, 2012

Mobile Grain Bin Helps Train Ohio Firefighters In Farm Towns

Grain Bin demo
Ohio State University students designed and built this mobile replica grain bin and augur to help train firefighters in farming towns. The safety training equipment was demonstrated at the 2012 Farm Science Review.
19, 2012

Its harvest season for Ohio corn and soybean farmers. As prices generally fall during harvest, more farmers use grain bins to temporarily store grain until those prices rise. But on-farm storage poses potentially deadly hazards. State safety officials are responding.

Unemployment Rate Falls While Employers Shed 12,800 Jobs

Ohio's unemployment fell to 7 percent in September after being stuck at 7.2 percent the previous three months.
October 19, 2012

Two separate surveys released Friday painted differing pictures of Ohio’s jobs front.