Romney Pledges Lower Taxes For Americans

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Supporters crowded into the historic Bun's Restaurant in downtown Delaware to catch a glimpse of Mitt Romney and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.(Photo: Jo Ingles, Ohio Public Radio)
Supporters crowded into the historic Bun's Restaurant in downtown Delaware to catch a glimpse of Mitt Romney and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.(Photo: Jo Ingles, Ohio Public Radio)

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited some of the reddest counties in Ohio Wednesday to tell Ohioans why they shouldn’t vote to elect President Obama.

But, at the same time, the leader of Ohio’s Democratic Party says Ohioans should be wary of Romney.

There’s a restaurant in downtown Delaware that’s been in business since 1867. Buns Restaurant has been a favorite of movie stars who’ve passed through the small town, and it still remains a favorite of politicians.

The place was packed and people were lined along the street outside as Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made a stop there yesterday.

“The question I have is this: Can you afford four more years of Barack Obama?” Romney asked the crowd.

Romney said Ohioans have seen their incomes decline and have seen gas prices rise during the president’ s first term in office.

“I don’t think you can afford another doubling of gasoline prices under Barack Obama. Since he’s been president, the price of gasoline has doubled and that’s happened, in part, because the president has not taken advantage of our energy.

When I become president, we are going to double the number of permits on federal lands and waters for drilling, make sure we can get more oil and gas and use our coal and renewables to keep our prices more moderate.

Romney told the crowd they will pay thousands more in taxes if President Obama is re-elected. Romney says he’ll cut taxes.

My plan does this. There will be no taxes on interest, capital gains, and dividends for middle income families in America. That means you can save money.

“You won’t have to worry about the govt making you fill out forms to figure out how much money you got from interest from the bank or if you have a mutual fund, what a capital gain was from the mutual fund. We’ll simplify your taxes and make them lower for the middle class. My plan is this…we will not raise taxes on the middle class. We will lower them.,” Romney said.

Mitt Romney is in the buckeye state in what is his 17th attempt to reset his campaign. And yet, his numerous attempts to redefine himself, he still failed to offer any specific ideas on how to move our country forward.

That’s Chris Redfern, the head of the Ohio Democratic Party. Redfern says Romney isn’t telling the truth about President Obama’s tax plan which, Redfern says, would lower taxes on middle income families while asking high income earners to pay more. Redfern says Romney is not being honest about his tax plan.

“As independent non-partisan analysis confirms, even if Romney closes every deduction for the wealthy, he’d have to raise taxes on middle class families and explode the deficit to make his plan add up.

Romney’s fake reboots are just as dishonest as his debate performance.

In the days since Romney’s performance at that recent debate, a few polls have shown President Obama’s lead in the buckeye state has been whittled down to a statistical dead heat. But Redfern insists the President is still on the right side of those numbers.

“Anytime you are polling above 50, I’d much rather be us than them.

“And I think Republicans would agree with the fact that this election was always going to be tight, but the ground game that’s been built here in Ohio and the fact that we have a candidate that is flat out right on the issue means we are going to win this election in Ohio which means we are going to win this election for the country.”

Ohio has 18 electoral vote. No Republican has ever won election to the White House without winning Ohio.

  • FlightRN

    The title is misleading–perhaps intentionally? Fix this. Be fair. I am assuming classes is a typo for taxes…

    • WOSU News

      Yes, it was a typo and it has been fixed. We were working on a story about charter schools at the same time and some words were inadvertently switched. A very unfortunate error.

      • Anonymous

        I thought you got it right.

  • Bob Kroshefsky

    Consider this: Romney says that his tax cuts will be offset by the closing of loopholes and deductions. Accepting this as possible, how is that to pass in a Congress where most Republicans have signed a pledge to not raise taxes – ever – on anyone and also, with complete logical separation, view the closing of any loophole or deduction as a tax increase? This internal conflict assures that Republicans will not support the only way Romney has proposed to make his tax plan revenue neutral.

  • Lynn

    If lowering taxes is indeed the key to economic recovery, then why was the economy so robust during the Clinton years when taxes, in general, were higher than now? What Gov. Romney always fails to point out is the complexity of our economy. Lowering taxes is no panacea for fixing anything.

    • Ben Tartpoken

      During Clinton the taxes where not as high for the working class after deductions. So the working class had money to drive the economy. Now it will be a years before the 1%ers give up what they gained under Boosh, they own the GOP congress until the election.

  • Ben Tartpoken

    The oil plan on public lands does not include Royalties paid back to the tx payer. Just Robber Baron profits. Mitt isnt raising 1%er taxes so he wont be able to lower yours. He is still liquidating jobs overseas through Bain right now, whre his heart is is obviously not with the the working middle class.