WOSU News Archives For: October 11, 2012

First Lady To Visit Swing State Ohio On Monday

Michelle Obama returns to campaign in Ohio next week.
11, 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama plans to return next week to the battleground state of Ohio to campaign for her husband.

Velvet Ice Cream Recalls Some Products

Velvet Ice Cream recalls some of its peanut-butter flavored products.
11, 2012

An Ohio ice cream maker is voluntarily recalling some of its peanut-butter flavored products because of suspected salmonella contamination.

Franklin County Clarifies Absentee Ballot Postage

Instructions that come with every absentee ballot tell voters it takes 65 cents to return the two-page ballot, but the Board of Elections says the U.S. Postal Service has vowed to deliver all ballots regardless of postage.
11, 2012

It costs 65 cents to return an absentee ballot in Franklin County this year. But the Board of Elections says ballots will be counted regardless of postage.

Man, Wife Indicted For Toxic Dump That Killed 31,000 Fish

The Rocky River is known for sport fishing. It has been named by Field & Stream as one of the top steelhead trout rivers in the world.
October 11, 2012

A 79-year-old northeast Ohio man, his wife and his company are facing criminal charges of draining a 55-gallon drum of cyanide into the Rocky River, killing nearly 31,000 fish.

Political Junkie Road Show Photo Slideshow

NPR's Neal Conan and Ken Rudin on stage at the Political Junkie Road Show
NPR's Neal Conan and Ken Rudin on stage at the Political Junkie Road Show in Columbus.
11, 2012

WOSU hosted NPR’s Neal Conan and Ken Rudin for an evening of politics, trivia, puzzles and jokes during the “Political Junkie Road Show” on Wednesday.

Incumbents Vie For Merged Congressional Seat

Betty Sutton, a labor lawyer, state lawmaker and Democrat, is seeking a sixth term in a Congress, after GOP lawmakers wiped out her district and merged some of it into Renacci’s.
October 11, 2012

One of the country’s most expensive congressional races saw its only debate yesterday between near-opposite incumbents running for what has been a swing district in northeast Ohio.

Romney Pledges Lower Taxes For Americans

Supporters crowded into the historic Bun's Restaurant in downtown Delaware to catch a glimpse of Mitt Romney and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.
11, 2012

Supporters crowded into a downtown Delaware restaurant to see the former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential candidate.