WOSU News Archives For: September 12, 2012

Top Policy Official Says Ohio Still Weighing Medicaid Expansion

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Ohio health policy officials say the state is weighing whether to accept federal help to expand Medicaid coverage beginning in 2014.
12, 2012

A top Kasich Administration official says it could be as long as six months before a decision is made on expansion of Medicaid. Office of Health Transformation Director, Greg Moody, says Ohio is among states still weighing whether to accept federal funds to help pay for medicaid expansion.

Governor Forms Task Force To Boost College Graduation Rates

Figures from Ohio's four-year state universities show 61 percent of students graduate within six years. Just 36 percent of students graduate within four years.
September 12, 2012

Gov. John Kasich is asking the leaders of Ohio’s four-year state universities to work together to boost the state’s college graduation rate.

State To Release Preliminary Data, Further Delay Report Cards

Ohio Auditor David Yost's office says the investigation into whether districts altered attendance records to boost report card rankings will likely stretch into next year.
12, 2012

After weeks of delay, the State Board of Education has decided to release preliminary report card data on school districts and buildings. But even that incomplete data won’t be public until the end of the month and will not contain many of the hallmark rankings.