WOSU News Archives For: August 23, 2012

Ohio Elections Chief Reinstates Officials, For Now

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted
23, 2012

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is temporarily lifting his suspension of two Democratic county election officials who voted to extend early voting hours in the general election beyond the uniform, statewide hours the Republican set.

Mandel-Brown Senate Race Close In New Poll

Two polls show different results in U.S. Senate race between Josh Mandel and Sherrod Brown.
August 23, 2012

Two new polls on Ohio’s Senate race have mixed results. The race is tight in one poll but both have Incumbent Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown still in the lead.

Ohio Polls Give Obama Edge

President Barack Obama maintains lead over GOP challenger Mitt Romney in 2 new Ohio polls.
23, 2012

Two new independent polls, just released today indicate President Barack Obama remains ahead of his Republican challenger Mitt Romney here in the key swing state of Ohio.

Voting Hours Dispute Moves To Ohio Legislature

Inside of Ohio Statehouse Ceiling
Inside view of Ohio Statehouse
23, 2012

Democrats say thousands of Ohioans who voted in the presidential election in 2008 won’t be able to vote this year if weekend voting is not allowed. Republicans say this is just rhetoric being used to cause confusion in this election.

Summer of 2012 Too Hot? Thankfully It’s Not 1936.

indianola pool
The swimming pool at Indianola Park offered a break from the heat in the early 1900's.
23, 2012

Temperatures are expected to get close to 90 today, as the dog days of summer start to fade away. It has been a hotter than normal summer here in Central Ohio. Despite the uncomfortable heat, WOSU commentator and local historian Ed Lentz reminds how lucky we are.