WOSU News Archives For: August 21, 2012

In Bexley Stop, Obama Touts College Affordability

President Obama focused on college affordability during a stop at Capital University in Bexley.
21, 2012

President Barack Obama focused on higher education accessibility and affordability in this latest trip to Central Ohio. It was the president’s latest attempt to separate himself from Republican Mitt Romney.

Ohio School Grades Delayed

Because of the ongoing data investigation school report cards will be delayed.
21, 2012

Amid an attendance-tampering investigation, Ohio has delayed next week’s release of annual school report cards whose results determine innumerable decisions by schools and families about funding, student scholarships and building and program placements.

Porch Shooting Hospitalizes Columbus Father And Son

Crime tape and a Columbus police cruiser block part of Kelton Ave. during an investigation Thursday<br<br
A Columbus police cruiser at a city crime scene.
August 21, 2012

A father and son have been hospitalized after being shot while sitting on a front porch. Columbus police say the shooting occurred Monday afternoon south of downtown.

Voting Rights Advocates Press Franklin County For More Hours

The Ohio Organizing Collaborative marched to the Franklin County Board of Elections Monday afternoon to push for weekend voting hours.
21, 2012

Voting rights advocates say a directive by the Ohio Secretary of State to county elections officials to NOT hold weekend voting hours suppresses the vote. WOSU reports a group of these activists marched to the Franklin County Board of Elections Monday afternoon in an effort to push for more early voting times.