WOSU News Archives For: August 14, 2012

Ohio Democrats Sue Gov. Kasich Over Public Records

Gov. Kasich
Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Jerid Kurtz says Gov. Kasich has made several "inappropriate comment" about the President while Mitt Romney or people campaigning on his behalf have been in Ohio.
14, 2012

The Ohio Democratic Party contends Governor John Kasich has illegally withheld records related to his public schedule.

Students Voice Frustration With Both Parties

President Obama easily won the younger demographic in 2008, but some left-leaning students say he hasn't done enough to secure their vote in 2012.
14, 2012

Many left-leaning students in Columbus for a national conference say President Obama hasn’t done enough to secure their vote in the fall election.

Westerville Teachers Approve Labor Deal, Stave Off Strike

File photo
August 14, 2012

In what’s described as the closest vote in union history, teachers and school board members in Westerville have approved a new three-year labor agreement.