Ohio Tea Party Groups Oppose Governor’s Tax Plan

Ohio Tea Party groups oppose GOP governor's tax proposal.(Photo: .)
Ohio Tea Party groups oppose GOP governor's tax proposal.(Photo: .)

A coalition of tea party groups in Ohio is calling a tax proposal by the state’s Republican governor “unnecessary and unwise.”

Gov. John Kasich wants to deliver a modest statewide income tax cut with revenue from a severance tax increase on oil and gas drillers.

The idea remains stalled in the GOP-controlled Legislature and the tea party group says it wants to keep it that way.

The Ohio Liberty Coalition is telling its members to urge their state lawmakers to oppose the proposal.

The group’s president says Kasich should trim state spending if he wants to cut taxes – not go after an industry that’s expected to grow in Ohio.

Studies are split on the tax’s economic impact on the industry, but polls indicate voters support Kasich’s proposal.

  • Bobkro

    Well, now we know what we should have known all along – the TEA party folks are just shills for the big-money fat cats owning and running the industries that don’t give a cr*p about average people. The oil & gas industry is NOT going to abstain from ravaging Ohio just because the laughably small severage tax is increased.