WOSU News Archives For: July 16, 2012

North Carolina Police Say Recovered Body Is Ohio Woman

Lynn Jackenheimer, 33, went to North Carolina with her boyfriend and two children but did not return to Ohio with them.
July 16, 2012

Police in coastal North Carolina say a body discovered on the Outer Banks is an Ohio woman missing since her family vacationed there.

One Killed In Northeast Ohio Well Explosion

Fire fighters say the explosion happened near Bolivar, about 65 south of Cleveland.
16, 2012

Firefighters say one person was killed Monday morning in an explosion at an oil- and gas-well site near Bolivar, about 65 miles south of Cleveland.

Trucking Industry Moves Toward Universal Electronic Monitoring

Truck Roll
A truck loaded with steel pulls into the I-71 rest stop in Delaware County. Independent drivers are challenging federal moves to require electronic monitoring for all trucks
16, 2012

Like many industries, the U.S. trucking industry is moving to more electronic monitoring of its operators. Electronic logs and global positioning systems keep constant real-time track of drivers and their cargo. But, the moves have also sparked backlash among some drivers and prompted research on the ethics of such practices.

President Returns To Ohio

President Obama campaigned in Cincinnati in September, 2011.
16, 2012

President Obama will campaign in southwest Ohio on Monday. He’s expected to use the event to tout jobs saved by the U.S. auto bailout.

Road Trip: The Land Of The Cross-Tipped Churches

Sister Barbara Ann Hoying operates a press to make the hosts used fur Catholic communion services.
16, 2012

Every week this travel season, we’re taking you to an interesting but sometimes-overlooked part of Ohio. This week we’re heading to the Land of the Cross-Tipped Churches to tour the Convent of Maria Stein