WOSU News Archives For: July 6, 2012

Three Heat-Related Deaths In Licking County

Trees like this one were toppled all over Central Ohio after a strong thunderstorm last week cut out power to a million people in Ohio. Excessive heat has claimed the lives of three Licking County residents who have not had power since last weekend.
6, 2012

Three Licking County residents were found dead in their homes this week from heat related illnesses.

Utility Repair Crews Will Work Through Weekend

A felled tree comes to rest on power lines in the Columbus suburb of Gahanna.
6, 2012

American Electric Power says no cost estimate for repairs is yet available. Four years ago, the bill to restore power after winds from Hurricane Ike blew through totaled more than $41 million. AEP was allowed to recover $28 million of those costs through delayed rate increases.

Powerless Enter 8th Day Without Electricity

A tree and electric transformers blocked Weber Rd. in Columbus' Clintonville neighborhood. Many of the neighborhood's residents were still without power Thursday night.
6, 2012

About 89,000 American Electric Power customers are still in the dark a week after heavy storms hit Ohio.

Obama Touts Economic Record, Criticizes Romney Policies

Barack Obama
WOSU file photo.
6, 2012

Speaking to audiences in northern Ohio, President Obama touted his record on jobs and the economy while criticizing policies he said Mitt Romney would implement if elected to the White House.

Ohio Officials Consider Drought Response Plans

The water-starved Ohio Canal in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Northeast Ohio.
6, 2012

Just as storm clean-up wanes, Ohio’s disaster response teams Friday will turn to drought preparedness. Despite scattered showers during the last few days, parts of Ohio remain too dry and a string of days with 90-degree plus temperatures are sapping soil moisture.