WOSU News Archives For: June 12, 2012

Ohio House Clears Bill To Curb Scrap Metal Theft

The measure would require dealers to photograph anyone who sells them scrap. Dealers couldn't buy from anyone who refuses to be photographed, and they'd have to keep the pictures for 60 days.
12, 2012

A bill that aims to curb the theft of scrap metal has cleared the Ohio House.

Human Trafficking Bill Poised To Clear Ohio Senate

ohio statehouse 2
Bill to increase penalties for human trafficking poised to pass the Ohio Senate.
12, 2012

An Ohio bill that increases penalties for human trafficking and creates a fund to help victims is expected to clear one of its final legislative hurdles.

Presidential Campaigns Revisit Ohio

President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney will revisit Ohio later this week.
12, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be in Ohio twice over the next five days. President Obama will visit an Ohio community college on Thursday.

Ohio Judge: Keep 5 Bomb Plot Suspects Locked Up

Five accused would-be bombers are confined to jail pending trial.
June 12, 2012

A federal judge in Akron says five men charged with plotting to bomb a highway bridge must remain locked up pending trial.

Inman Found Guilty On All Charges

William Inman II.
June 12, 2012

Jurors deliberated just four hours before convicting William Inman II on charges of murdering his wife Summer Inman last year.

Ohio Finally Gets Much-Debated Rules On Fracking, Green Energy

One of the many natural gas pumps that have sprung up around Ohio in recent years.
12, 2012

The measure signed Monday includes new regulations for hydraulic fracturing, as well as a controversial measure that will let companies capture and use heat runoff and claim it as renewable energy.