WOSU News Archives For: June 7, 2012

Ohio State Officials To Announce Parking Lease Bid Friday

osu parking
OSU officials plan to recommend leasing parking operations for $483 million.
7, 2012

As Ohio State University administrators prepare to recommend a company to lease its parking operations, OSU President Gordon Gee continues to defend the controversial proposal.

Former Ohio Governor Keeps Options Open For Possible Re-run

Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland.
June 7, 2012

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has stayed active in democratic politics since his defeat in 2010 to Republican John Kasich. Strickland says while he’s lending campaign help to other democrats he’s undecided about a possible rematch with Governor Kasich in 2014.

New Building Codes Win Support of Builders, State Leaders

The new code requirements are expected to raise the price of a new 1,800 square foot home by about $1,200.
7, 2012

Builders say the new requirements will come at a limited expense. But even small increases can price out thousands of potential buyers.

Mayor Coleman Names Gregory Paxton As New Fire Chief of Columbus

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman (center) with Division of Police Chief Kimberley Jacobs and Division of Fire Chief Gregory Paxton
7, 2012

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman has named Gregory Paxton as the city’s new fire chief.

ODOT Moves Up Some Projects, But Delays And Frustration Remain

Despite being one of the major dangerous interchanges in the state, ODOT administrators say a statewide funding shortfall will delay some work on the I-70/I-71 interchange in downtown Columbus by 16 years.
7, 2012

An ODOT panel has voted to move up most major road projects that were delayed by several years, inclduing the I-70/I-71 overhaul. But officials know the new schedule likely will not satisfy communities that are depending on new roads.