WOSU News Archives For: June 5, 2012

Ohio Governor Signs New Rules On Exotic Animals

Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo,speaks at the exotic animal restrictions signing ceremony.
5, 2012

Ohio’s governor has signed into law the state’s widely watched new regulations on exotic animals.

Ohio Eases Access For Medicaid-Eligible Patients

State officials hope to make it easier for poor children and pregnant women to get access to medical treatment.
June 5, 2012

State officials are hoping to more easily allow uninsured children and pregnant women in Ohio access to medical treatment, if they are likely to qualify for Medicaid.

Ohio Prepares To Execute Condemned Killer

Scales of Justice
The Ohio Supreme Court is considering a request to delay the execution of a convicted killer to allow a mental competency hearing.
5, 2012

Man set to die Wednesday would be the second man Ohio executes this year since the end of an unofficial moratorium on capital punishment that lasted six months.

Columbus Elected Leaders Get Fire Safety Training.

Mills for web
Columbus City Council Safety Chair, Michelle Mills, participates in fire safety training
5, 2012

A group of city and county elected officials turned out recently for fire safety training. The training is a bid by the firefighter’s union to build key relationships.

Presidential Campaigns Take Shape In Ohio

President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney are expected to campaign aggressively in Ohio.
5, 2012

Surrogates for president Barack Obama and presumed republican nominee Mitt Romney traveled to Central Ohio to set the stage for this year’s campaigns.