WOSU News Archives For: June 1, 2012

Ohio State Says Highest Bid For Privatized Parking Is $483 Million

On-campus parking could be "privatized"
1, 2012

An Ohio State University official says the top bid for a privatized parking proposal is $483 million. Executive Vice President Joseph Alutto says the bidder would cap any parking rate increase to 5.5 percent for the next ten years.

Ohio Auditor Says Indicted School Official Owes More Money

State Auditor says amount of money allegedly embezzled by Carl Shye is growing.
1, 2012

The state auditor says the debt is growing for a former Ohio charter schools treasurer charged with embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal education funds.

Governor Kasich Signs Texting Ban For Drivers

texting while driving
Ohio becomes the 39th state in the country to have a law banning texting while driving.
1, 2012

Ohio has become the 39th state to prohibit texting while driving.

Commentary: ‘Me And Mitt – Sons Of A Different Detroit’

Mitt Romney with voter
GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney greets a voter.
June 1, 2012

We now officially can call Mitt Romney the presumptive Republican nominee for president. The former Massachusetts Governor this week secured the delegates he needs to capture the nomination. WOSU Commentator Bill Hershey says he and Romney have some things in common.

Driver’s Ed Plan Raises Concerns Among Safety Advocates

Ohio AAA and brick-and-mortar driving schools are criticizing the plan to let teen driving students take all of their classes online.
1, 2012

The proposal in the state’s latest budget update would let teen drivers opt out of the classroom and take all of their driver’s education classes online.

Ohio State Moves To Semester System

OSU students will begin taking semester classes this summer.
1, 2012

It’s taken three years, special committees, and meetings packed with critics, but Ohio State University is finally set to join the vast majority of colleges by converting to academic semesters.