Smith Downplays NCAA Violations

File photo(Photo: Ohio State University)
File photo(Photo: Ohio State University)

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith is backing away from a comment that OSU was possibly facing more than secondary violations.

Smith reportedly told OSU’s student newspaper that the athletic department is facing 12 violations and “it may turn out to be secondary, it may not.”

But Thursday morning, Smith wrote in an email, “Contrary to reports attributed to me, Ohio State Athletics is not facing any major NCAA violations. There are several secondary violations being processed by our compliance office. These are similar to those released last week.

“Again, these are secondary in nature and consistent with our culture of self-reporting even the most minor and inadvertent violations.

Ohio State is on NCAA probation after several players reported trading memorabilia for cash, tattoos, and other benefits. The scandal led to the resignation of former head coach Jim Tressel.