Ohio Senate Wants Welfare Tied To Clean Drug Tests

Ohio Senate bill would create a pilot program that would tie welfare benefits to clean drug tests.(Photo: .)
Ohio Senate bill would create a pilot program that would tie welfare benefits to clean drug tests.(Photo: .)

The Republican-controlled Ohio Senate is nearing approval of a pilot program that would tie welfare benefits to clean drug tests.

The Senate Finance Committee set a Tuesday vote on a provision allowing three Ohio counties to volunteer to administer drug tests to prospective welfare recipients. Those who failed would get treatment and lose benefits for six months or more.

Its author says the provision’s wording avoids legal roadblocks encountered in other states. It’s among dozens of Senate changes to a midterm budget bill to be voted on Wednesday.

The think tank group Innovation Ohio says a recent constitutional amendment in Ohio against federal health care mandates prohibits mandatory government programs that collect health care data.

  • Mtgphd

    Although mandatory welfare drug testsing for participation in any welfare program is temporarily on hold, we should think about the reason that it was proposed by the current Senate in Ohio, and why plans are underway to get some counties to “volunteer” to develop this pilot program, because mandating it may be unconstitutional. The governor has to figure out how to make it work.

    My point is that mandatory drug testing in order to receive welfare benefits is perfectly consistent with Republican philosophy that people out of work, to paraphrase Bill O’Reilly, the court jester for the Republican Party, bring poverty on themselves, because they are lazy, they drop out of school, are addicted to drugs and alcohol, have a mental or emotional problem that is not treated. In Gingrich’s words, they just need to get a bath and go out and get a job.

    If it is true that Ohio unemployment is approaching 7%, then all the 7% of Ohioans , who need unemployment insurance extensions or need to apply for various welfare programs, should KNOW that what the Senators in the Ohio legislature think about you is that you are responsible for being out of work and/or poor. KNOW that they think you are nothing but likely druggies, who need a bath and some treatment, not help from “the government.”

    These Republicans frequently buttress their philosophy as based in their religion -
    that churches ought to be the source of help for the poor. Of course, I don’t know the statistics on how many jobs churches have created. Some Republicans have argued against the Catholic Church’s position, which called this Republican philosophy morally bankrupt. Paul Ryan, a Catholic himself, is undeterred in pushing the most punitive budget for the poor, the middle class, women, children and old people, ahead of any moral obligation that his church may hold for him.

    It might be good if candidates for office would be mandated to pass some drug testing and other rule out propositions that would show them more unfit for office, morally and spiritually, than they already are.