Ad War Begins In U-S Senate Race In Ohio

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The ad war is on in the US Senate race. Republican state treasurer Josh Mandel put out his first commercial, with incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown releasing an ad with a very different tone.

Josh Mandel’s ad sounds like an introduction…it stresses his military service and mentions his position as treasurer, and doesn’t suggest any of his views on any issues.
(“These are the boots that defend our nation. These boots keep our country strong….”)

Sherrod Brown’s ad is much more aggressive – the longtime lawmaker blasts Mandel for hiring what it says are friends inexperienced in financial matters and paying them big salaries.

Ohio State University political science professor Paul Beck says going forward, the candidates will likely be mildly negative in their ads, but he says the commercials produced by “super pacs”, the political groups that can’t coordinate with candidates but can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money, will likely unleash some very nasty material.

“This could well be the most negative campaign that we’ve ever seen in Ohio. “

And Beck says he expects the super pacs to spend more money in Ohio than Brown and Mandel will.