GOP’s Mitt Romney Speaks At Westerville’s Otterbein University

Mitt Romney addresses an audience at Otterbein University(Photo: Jo Ingles)
Mitt Romney addresses an audience at Otterbein University(Photo: Jo Ingles)

GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney spoke twice at Otterbein University, first with a half dozen graduating students, most of whom didn’t have jobs. Romney said part of the problem is students aren’t studying what employers need. And he points to a conversation with a company in Massachusetts who need engineers.

“They said we need more grads with engineering degrees. It’s a good paying job from a start, entry level but throughout their career. Yet the students going in to college aren’t signing up for engineering as they might,” Romney said.

During this informal session, he told the students he realized many new graduates are getting the jobs they deserve.

“I’ve seen some numbers of the young people who just graduated college that are getting jobs and that are getting jobs consistent with their skill level. And it says only half of Americas seniors are able to find work or find work up to their skill.”

Governor Kasich told the students Romney understands the economy and has a plan to fix it.

“That’s why it’s so important that he gets elected. This has been a sputtering, weak, anemic economy and when you are just coming out of college, it’s hard,” said the governor in his first appearance with Romney since endorsing him last week.

Later, Romney spoke in a larger auditorium where he told students, staff and others that the nation is at an important point, and the decision voters make in November is crucial.

“We will decide whether we are going to transform America into something different than it’s been in the past or whether we are going to restore America to the principles that have made us the nation that we are”, said Romney.

Romney said it’s important to restore the country to greatness by making government smaller, holding down debt, and letting the free enterprise system work. While Romney mentioned the importance of holding down debt, he didn’t talk much about the issue that President Obama has been talking about in recent days, efforts to hold down interest rates on student loans.

But Joyce Beatty, a Democratic candidate for congress and a former administrator at two public colleges,did talk about it and the potential to cut the Pell Grant program. She said it’s important to support President Obama because Romney simply doesn’t understand the needs of struggling college students.

“Think about that working class family that’s sending their children or child to college that, often times, it’s that last hundreds of dollars that prevents them from being able to go. So it will be devastating if it doubles and when you look at not being able to get a Pell Grant.”

Otterbein student Molly Lorr says she will vote for the first time this fall and she will cast her vote for President Obama because of his agenda for helping students pay for college.

“That’s the kind of vision that makes a difference to young people and their families and why I believe President Obama has the right vision for Ohio,” said the freshman.

President Obama will likely outline his vision for Ohio when he kicks off his re-election campaign in Columbus next week at another university, the state’s largest, Ohio State University in Columbus.