Gov. Kasich OK After Car Crash, Twists In The Story

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Gov. John Kasich(Photo: ihrigmr (Flickr))
Gov. John Kasich(Photo: ihrigmr (Flickr))

Gov. John Kasich and some of his staff were involved in a car crash on a Columbus freeway yesterday. But that’s not the most unusual thing about this story.

Gov. Kasich was coming back from a ceremony in Zanesville in his state-owned SUV, which was being driven by a trooper. The SUV and a car behind it were stopped in traffic on I-71 in downtown Columbus when police say a vehicle rammed the car behind the governor’s SUV, which bashed into it. Kasich was reportedly fine and doesn’t plan to cancel any events, but he’ll be checked out by his doctor just in case. Interestingly, the traffic officer assigned to the crash was familiar to Kasich.

“You ever been stopped by a police officer who was an idiot?”

That would be Officer Robert Barrett, who had pulled Kasich over in 2008 and earned the epithet in a speech to state workers last year. Kasich later apologized. And the vehicle that started that chain reaction that hit the governor, who famously advised supporters once he was elected to get on the bus or get run over by the bus? It was a charter bus.