WOSU News Archives For: April 23, 2012

Presidential Campaigns In Ohio Revisit Auto Rescues

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland will help launch a series of campaign events in Ohio this week for President Barack Obama.
April 23, 2012

For Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland and other supporters of President Barack Obama’s re-election drive are planning several campaign events this week at Ohio auto factory sites. They want to celebrate the President’s backing of the bail-out. But Republican are deriding the campaign.

City, County and Civic Leaders Hash Out New Housing Rules

The guidelines adopted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development in March ban anyone receiving HUD assistance from discriminating against the LGTB community.
23, 2012

Columbus city leaders spent the morning talking to landlords and civic groups about new federal rules on housing discrimination against gay and transgender residents.

COTA Faces Potential Labor Unrest

A COTA bus stops at intersection on North High Street
23, 2012

The Central Ohio Transit Authority faces a potential strike by its drivers and maintenance workers. Union membership has given its leaders authorization to call a strike pending the outcome of a contract vote later today.

What Does Earth Day Mean To You?

23, 2012

Yesterday was Earth Day. What does Earth Day mean to You?

Zanesville Exotic Animals To Remain Under State Quarantine

A state veterinarian ruled Monday that this leopard and four other exotic animals should remain under quarantine in case they have rabies.
April 23, 2012

A state veterinarian has cleared the animals of the infectious diseases for which they were quarantined last year, but they’ll stay under state care out of concern for possible rabies infections.

Northern Ohio Braces For Late-April Snowstorm

Forecasters expect a rare late-April snowstorm to cover the shores of Lake Erie with up to eight inches of snow beginning late Monday.
23, 2012

Forecasters expect a rare late-April snowstorm to cover the shores of Lake Erie with up to eight inches of snow beginning late Monday.

Earthfest Draws Thousands To Northeast Ohio

Organizers say Earthfest is the longest-running Earth Day celebration in the country.
23, 2012

Organizers say it’s the state’s largest environmental education event and is believed to be the longest running Earth Day celebration in the country.

Growing Number of Child Care Centers Offer Extended Care

The OSU Child Care Center has offered nighttime hours since 1987.
April 23, 2012

Layoffs caused by the recession sent thousands of Ohio workers in search of new employment. In many cases people were forced to take jobs during non-traditional work hours causing a hardship for parents of small children. As a result more Central Ohio daycare centers offer nighttime care.