YMCA Expresses Concern With Ohio Concussion Bill

The head of the Ohio Alliance of YMCAs says she’s concerned that hundreds of volunteer coaches would face greater legal liability under a proposal before state lawmakers that’s aimed at protecting athletes with concussions.

The measure would require coaches or referees to remove a player from a game or practice if the athlete shows signs of or is suspected of having a concussion. School authorities and youth sports organizations would be banned from allowing people to coach unless they were trained to recognize concussions and head injuries.

The legislation contains some immunity provisions for coaches. But Beth Tsvetkoff of the Ohio Alliance of YMCAs says they are inadequate. She says record-keeping and paperwork requirements in the bill would increase liability.

The measure is pending before an Ohio House panel.

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    Yea, well, the YMCA needs to follow their own rules with their sports in the first place. Allowing tackles, holding, grabbing, yanking and taking people out at the knees while playing flag football with the only safety equipment being a mouth piece to protect the teeth.