WOSU News Archives For: April 9, 2012

New Columbus Police Chief Wants More Women On the Force

Columbus Chief of Police Kimberly Jacobs
April 9, 2012

Columbus’ first female Police Chief believes her leadership position the force will help recruit other women to join the division.

Ohio State Commits $50M To Financial Aid, Debt Continues To Grow

Ohio State University says it will give $50 million more in financial help to students for the next four years to help them pay for college.
9, 2012

A recent study says the cost of a college education has outpaced inflation for decades and more students are paying those costs with borrowed money. In the U.S., total student loan debt now tops $1 trillion and the average student debt is $25,000

Those Who Work With Welfare Recipients Talk Work, Fines And Reform

The Ohio Statehouse
9, 2012

Ohio’s welfare rolls dropped by nearly a fifth in the last year. And part of that is because the state is cracking down on recipients of cash assistance who aren’t working as required – and yanking their benefits.

Bodies Of Two National Guard Soldiers Return To U.S.

From left: Capt. Nicholas Rozanski, Sgt. 1st Class Shawn Hannon, and Sgt. 1st Class Jeffrey Rieck.
9, 2012

The remains of two of the three Ohio National Guard soldiers killed in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan have been brought back to the U.S.

Who Gets Credit For Ohio’s Recovery – Kasich or Obama?

9, 2012

Ohio’s employment picture has showed slow but steady progress over the past 18 months.. Who should get the credit for Ohio’s economic recovery: President Barack Obama, Governor John Kasich, or someone else?

Unlikely “Running Mates” – Kasich and Obama

With an expanding lead, speculation has turned to Mitt Romney's possible "running mate," an unlikely due, Gov. Kasich and President Obama, may have something in common this upcoming election.
9, 2012

With the GOP nomination apparently in hand, speculation will turn to who Mitt Romney will choose as his running mate. WOSU Commentator Bill Hershey says as far as Ohio is concerned Barak Obama’s “running mate” may not be who you’d think.