Dann Fights For Law License

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Former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann goes before the Ohio Supreme Court Tuesday to make a case for keeping his law license. Dann now practices law in the Cleveland area.(Photo: File photo)
Former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann goes before the Ohio Supreme Court Tuesday to make a case for keeping his law license. Dann now practices law in the Cleveland area.(Photo: File photo)

For the first time in Ohio history, the Ohio Supreme Court will decide whether to suspend the law license of the person who had served as Attorney General, the state’s top lawyer.

“It is now clear that the last step I must take to fix these problems is to resign as Attorney General, effective immediately.”

Those were the words Marc Dann used when he stepped down from his A.G. office in 2008.

But Marc Dann’s resignation during a sexual harassment scandal wasn’t the last step.

Since the Democrat from Youngstown left office, he’s faced several probes and hearings on what he and his staffers did when he was AG. But perhaps the biggest remains: arguments before the Ohio Supreme Court on whether Dann’s law license should be suspended for six months.

The Office of Disciplinary Council has twice suggested a stayed penalty, but the Disciplinary Board has recommended a six-month suspension based on Dann’s two misdemeanor ethics convictions: improperly paying state employees from campaign funds, and filing inaccurate financial disclosure statements while in office.

Dann counters by saying the suspension goes too far, especially when compared to the reprimand issued to Republican Gov. Bob Taft, who was convicted of ethics violations while still in office.

But the disciplinary council notes Dann committed these acts while serving as Ohio’s chief attorney, and says the negative attention Dann brought to the AG’s office warrants an actual suspension.

Dann is practicing law in the Cleveland area and would not be able to work as an attorney if his license is suspended, but he could if the suspension is stayed.

  • Pamela Sue O’Connell

    Marc Dann, now fights, to regain his law license. People take a good look, at this character, and consider, reasons he lost it in the first place.

    The Public only is aware, of what has surfaced, not all he is responsibile and involved with.

    Dann, tookhis stance, waved his fist, and demanded, someone to “Make him” resign, or remove himself from Ohio Attorney General, position. he wanted to defend, some self belief, he has a right, to abuse people, intimidate, make multiples of paychecks, Help himself, to any financial sources, that is there to uphold and run this office, that the taxpayers, pay for.

    So in essence, he has no control over himself, placing the demands, on others to control his actions. He blames to much partying, he hires the wrong people.

    Uses heroin as a provision, has sex with a minor male, and with male and female employees, cost the tax payers a ton of money for investigations, court cases.

    Richard Cordray, personally said to me, he was unable to help me, because he had to much of a mess to clean up after Dann, before this Office could resume any function to operate, for what it was purposed for.

    Now General Motors,Social Security, Internal Revenue, must stop from routine work, and deal with the loss, the deception and the damages caused by this individual and his as he calls it ‘personalities” He evidently does not know, where he is and what he is doing.

    The Only business he would get, is his partners in crime. who else would want to give him a “Chance”

  • Pamela Sue O’Connell

    Dann was one assigned and to charge over Order 01Dr538, a over up, This is a contract, an agreement made between corrupt court officials, and the Prties, assigned and paid, along with any public, person, servant or other wise, Public Corruption is termed as a ‘Community Sanction” Protected and assisted, to dispose of Mark Allen and I, and any trace of us, Order is to destroy us, Our lives, and the conditions , are documented as “temporary’ My son, abducted Sept. 16, 2001, are only to be illusions, used for financial crimes, without having actual person to witness, and to trace, Multiple times over,

    We are the Obligors, to the Obligees, called Court Officials, and the parties, Marc Dann’s profile, is in Franklin County, he has benefitted as a Mark O’Connell, GM Employee, one of many, this thing is all over the place.

    This also included abuse and Murder of my parents, william and Kathleen Ann Davis, of Austintown, Ohio, back in 07. Thier murder, as it is written in this Order, is a requirement, and a provision made, to uphold and enforce Order 01 DR 538.

    They have used us, for every benefit there is, Even my own family members, are assigned and paid, and protected. They have not only stolen from us, repeatedly, physially beat us, broken teeth, arms, and collected from the insurance companies, many times over.

    Mark Allen and I are called “Separate maintenance, written we have no control of the molestation done to us.