WOSU News Archives For March 2012

New “Right To Work” Study Not Convincing Labor Supporters

The Buckeye Institute and Policy Matter Ohio are trying to paint different pictures about how organized labor affects local and state economies.
29, 2012

The report from the right-leaning Buckeye Institute says states that let workers opt out of union dues have had economic growth in recent years, but union leaders and their allies say the study is misleading.

Should Governor Kasich Sign Bill To Teach Founding Documents?

29, 2012

A bill that requires Ohio schools to teach original texts of the Declaration of Independence and state and federal constitutions in grades 4 through 12 is headed to the Governor’s desk. Critics say other documents like the Bill of Rights and the Emancipation Proclamation should also be included. Should Governor Kasich sign the bill? Why or why not?

Ohio Lawmakers To Honor School Shooting Responders

ohio statehouse 2
Ohio lawmakers plan to honor first responders and teachers involved in the Chardon High School shooting in February.
28, 2012

The Ohio Legislature is planning to honor the first responders, law enforcement officers and school officials involved in handling a deadly school shooting in northeast Ohio.

Latest Poll Gives President Leads In Ohio, Florida And Penn.

The latest survey from Quinnipiac University gives the President leads of at least six percent over Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.
March 28, 2012

The survey by Ohio voters gives the President a lead of 47 to 41 percent over Mitt Romney and a 47 to 40 percent lead over Rick Santorum.

How Do You Think The Supreme Court Will Rule On Healthcare

28, 2012

US Supreme Court justices seemed very skeptical of the health insurance mandate in President Obama’s healthcare law. How do you think the high court will rule?

Owners Line Up To Oppose Ohio’s Exotic Animal Bill

One of the spotted leopards being held at the Columbus Zoo after their Zanesville owner committed suicide.
March 27, 2012

Dozens of exotic animal owners in Ohio were lining up Tuesday to oppose permit fees, certain caging requirements and other proposed regulations contained in a bill being considered by a state Senate panel.

Ohio Heroin Abuse Worse; First-Time Users Younger

heroin ballons
Drug dealers sell tiny balls of black tar heroin for as little as $5 and $10 a piece. It is often sold in small balloons.
27, 2012

A new state report finds that heroin is so prevalent in Ohio it is “falling out of the sky” with many users switching from more expensive prescription painkillers.

BP Confirms Deal For Drilling Rights To 84,000 Acres In Ohio

The deal between BP and members of the Associated Landowners of the Ohio Valley will reportedly send landowners $3,900 per acre for mineral rights.
27, 2012

The deal between BP and members of the Associated Landowners of the Ohio Valley is expected to give landowners $3,900 per acre for mineral rights.

Report: Ohio Making Progress On “Race To The Top” Promises

File photo
27, 2012

The report from the Center for American Progress says the state has made progress on programs including teacher evaluation, but challenges like failing schools remain.

Mansfield-Based Guard Company Heads To Afghanistan

Troops from the 148th Transportation Company will help with supply distribution in Afghanistan.
March 27, 2012

The Ohio Army National Guard says the the 160 troops will help with supply distribution.