WOSU News Archives For: March 29, 2012

Judge To Rule On Ohio Lethal Injection Process

U.S. District Judge Gregory Frost wrote a blistering report on Ohio's death penalty practice, writing that he has to micromanage executions and that the state "needs to do what it says it will do."
29, 2012

Federal judge Gregory Frost will determine whether Ohio has proper lethal injection procedures in place now that a trial over those procedures has ended.

Stabbing Suspect Appears In Court, Sent Back To Jail

detective stabbing scene
Detective investigating the scene of the alleged stabbing at 150 E. Gay St. on March 14.
March 29, 2012

A judge has ordered a $5 million bond for the suspect in the stabbing of four people in a downtown Columbus office building.

New “Right To Work” Study Not Convincing Labor Supporters

The Buckeye Institute and Policy Matter Ohio are trying to paint different pictures about how organized labor affects local and state economies.
29, 2012

The report from the right-leaning Buckeye Institute says states that let workers opt out of union dues have had economic growth in recent years, but union leaders and their allies say the study is misleading.

Should Governor Kasich Sign Bill To Teach Founding Documents?

29, 2012

A bill that requires Ohio schools to teach original texts of the Declaration of Independence and state and federal constitutions in grades 4 through 12 is headed to the Governor’s desk. Critics say other documents like the Bill of Rights and the Emancipation Proclamation should also be included. Should Governor Kasich sign the bill? Why or why not?