WOSU News Archives For: March 28, 2012

Ohio Lawmakers To Honor School Shooting Responders

ohio statehouse 2
Ohio lawmakers plan to honor first responders and teachers involved in the Chardon High School shooting in February.
28, 2012

The Ohio Legislature is planning to honor the first responders, law enforcement officers and school officials involved in handling a deadly school shooting in northeast Ohio.

Latest Poll Gives President Leads In Ohio, Florida And Penn.

The latest survey from Quinnipiac University gives the President leads of at least six percent over Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.
March 28, 2012

The survey by Ohio voters gives the President a lead of 47 to 41 percent over Mitt Romney and a 47 to 40 percent lead over Rick Santorum.

How Do You Think The Supreme Court Will Rule On Healthcare

28, 2012

US Supreme Court justices seemed very skeptical of the health insurance mandate in President Obama’s healthcare law. How do you think the high court will rule?