WOSU News Archives For: March 21, 2012

Documents Show Rift Between Former MORPC Exec. Dir. And Board

chester jourdan
Former MORPC Executive Director Chester Jourdan.
21, 2012

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission is in the process of looking for a new leader. Monday, MORPC announced it was immediately terminating its executive director – sooner than the planned departure. WOSU reports there was a growing rift between board members and Chester Jourdan.

ODOT Creates “Division Of Innovative Delivery”

ODOT administrators are hoping the Division of Innovative Delivery can deliver some innovative new funding streams for road and bridge projects.
March 21, 2012

The new division will focus on finding new revenue streams for the financially-strapped agency.

GOP Leaders Increase Calls For Dewine’s Resignation

GOP leaders in seven of Ohio's most-populated counties signed a letter saying the differences between Kevin DeWine and elected Republicans are "untenable and irreconcilable."
March 21, 2012

Local GOP chairs say the differences between Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine and elected Republicans are “irreconcilable.”

Ohio Natural Gas At Crossroads

One of the many natural gas pumps that have sprung up around Ohio in recent years.
21, 2012

Experts say hydraulic fracturing has flooded the market with “dry gas,” but “wet gas” remains in high demand. With drilling slowing in some other states, WOSU’s Tom Borgerding examines the natural gas market here in Ohio.

What Should The U.S. Do In Afghanistan?

21, 2012

Incidents including the accidental burning of Qurans and the alleged massacre of 16 Afghani civilians have some critics of the war calling for complete pull out, with others calling for the military to stay its course. What do you think?