Wendy’s Surpasses Burger King In U.S. Sales

The Dublin headquarters of Wendy's.(Photo: tlarrow)
The Dublin headquarters of Wendy's.(Photo: tlarrow)

Dublin-based Wendy’s has dethroned Burger King as the nation’s second-largest hamburger chain.

A new report from the food industry research firm Technomic says last year, for the first time, Wendy’s topped Burger King in total U.S. sales by about $100 million. Both combined still have half the annual sales of McDonald’s.

The report credits Wendy’s number-two ranking to efforts to reinvent itself as a high-end burger chains with sandwiches like the W. and remodeling stores to give them a more-modern look.

The report also quotes Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick as saying poor performance in recent years was “a self-inflicted wound.”

Wendy’s returned its headquarers to Dublin last year after a three-year stint in Atlanta when it was co-owned with fast food chain Arby’s.