WOSU News Archives For: March 13, 2012

State Rep., Former School Board Member Charged With Bribery

Weddington resigned after being indicted for bribery.
March 13, 2012

A prosecutor says the three felony bribery charges handed down Tuesday against state Rep. and former Columbus Board of Education member W. Carlton Weddington are the first against a state lawmaker since 1912.

Ohio Sues NY Bank For $16 MIllion

Mike DeWine
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine filed the suit on behalf of the state.
March 13, 2012

The suit from Attorney General Mike DeWine accuses The Bank of New York Mellon of fraud, deceptive trade practices and other misdeeds in the handling of the state’s retirement funds for police officers, firefighters and school employees.

School Bus Crash Injures Students

File photo
13, 2012

None of the injuries were considered serious after the accident outside of Washington Courthouse.

Former Ohio Legislator Sentenced To Four Years In Prison

13, 2012

The sentence comes after Michael A. Fox pleased guilty to charges of helping an attorney get a $1 million contract with a southwest Ohio county.

Should Union Contracts Force Workers To Pay Union Dues?

13, 2012

Do you think employees should be forced to join unions or pay union dues?

“We Are Ohio” Stays Together To Fight Right-To-Work Amendment

From left, Veronica Petree, Mike Patrick and Jim Adkins of "We Are Ohio" announce the group's plan to stay together to fight against a proposal to let unionized employees opt out of union dues.
13, 2012

The group that led the fight against Senate Bill 5 says it’s sticking together to wage a fight against another proposal that could cut union power.