WOSU News Archives For: March 12, 2012

Ohio Auditor Dave Yost: Cities Disregard Open Records Law

Yost Sunshine Week chart
State Auditor Dave Yost shows open records compliance rates.
12, 2012

Ohio State Auditor Dave Yost says many Ohio cities are not obeying the spirit of the state’s open records law.

Six OSU Women’s Lacrosse Players Hospitalized

women's lax
Six unidentified OSU women's lacrosse players were hospitalized Friday.
12, 2012

Six members of the Ohio State University lacrosse team were hospitalized with symptoms of a condition than can cause kidney damage.

What Are You Doing To Cope With High Gas Prices?

12, 2012

What are you doing to cope with increasing gasoline prices?

Columbus And Franklin County Turn To Land Banks To Fight Blight

12, 2012

As some residential neighborhoods in Columbus and Franklin County sink from the effects of abandoned properties, local governments are turning to land banks to stop the decline. But, limited resources means the land banks cannot help all blighted properties.

Columbus Drivers Pay More For Daily Commute

gas pump_horiz
Columbus commuters face higher gas prices for start of workweek
March 12, 2012

A new workweek begins and drivers are paying more to commute. Columbus gas prices this morning are topping out near $3.85 for regular grade or about 18 cents more per gallon than last week.

Ohio Lawmakers Await Word On Governor’s Plan To Hike Energy Taxes

Natural Gas well in Eastern Ohio
12, 2012

Governor John Kasich has made it clear he wants to hike taxes on drillers who are extracting natural gas liquids from Ohio’s shale fields and he wants to use the new revenue generated to pay for another cut in the state income tax paid by families and small companies.