WOSU News Archives For: March 9, 2012

Ohio Finds Injection Well Caused Quakes

9, 2012

A dozen earthquakes in northeastern Ohio were almost certainly induced by injection of gas-drilling wastewater into the earth, Ohio oil and gas regulators said Friday as they announced a series of tough new regulations for drillers.

Spokesman: Kucinich Not Running For Congress In Washington State

Dennis Kucinich held several positions in Cleveland city government before moving on to the Ohio Legislature and Congress.
9, 2012

The long-time congressman lost his primary bid this week after his district was merged with that of another long-time Democratic Representative, Marcy Kaptur.

State Lawmaker Proposes Exotic Animal Regulations

One of the spotted leopards that was rescued from a Zanesville-area exotic animal farm last year. 48 other animals were killed by police.
March 9, 2012

The plan would prohibit people from acquiring additional dangerous wildlife, and require current owners of lions, tigers and other large animals to meet strict new care standards.

Should Massillion Get Exemption From Exotic Animal Ban?

9, 2012

Do you think the school should be able to display the famous Massillon Tiger at football games?