Air Force Targets Rickenbacker, Mansfield For Job Cuts

Courtesy of the Air National Guard(Photo: Air National Guard)
Courtesy of the Air National Guard(Photo: Air National Guard)

Officials say new cuts announced by the U.S. Air Force will mean a loss of about 800 jobs at Air National guard bases in Ohio and 160 positions at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton.

The Air Force this week announced that President Barack Obama’s proposal for the upcoming budget year calls for a reduction of about 10,000 positions nationwide.

In Ohio, the Adjutant General’s Department says 846 full- and part-time jobs would be eliminated at Air National Guard bases in Mansfield and Rickenbacker in Columbus. The base in Springfield would lose 47 full-time jobs.

Some of the cuts will be offset by new part-time jobs.

At Wright-Patterson, a spokesman says the new changes, combined with previous announcements, will mean a net loss of 395 military and civilian jobs.

  • Save your Guard

    These cuts make no sense, why cut the cheapest most integrated military force that exist in our society?

  • Mike Dalton

    The facilities at Rickenbacker and Mansfield are almost brand new. It makes little sense to keep building them up and then either selling them off or letting them rot until the next crisis. I realize that the need to cut the deficit mandates a smaller military, but couldn’t someone have projected this would happen and not spent the money in the first place?