Poll Confusion Leaves Many Ballots Uncast

File photo(Photo: Flickr)
File photo(Photo: Flickr)

Elections officials say some voters in Franklin county left polling places this morning without casting ballots because poll workers were confused about ballots.

Board of elections spokesman Ben Piscitelli says the confusion came in 110 polling places where multiple precincts vote. When multiple precincts have identical candidates and issues, voting machines only require a single ballot.

But Piscitelli says poll workers were looking for a unique ballot for each precinct.

Piscitelli says many voters were confused and frustrated and left without voting. The county is urging voters to return before polls close this evening at 7 p.m.

  • Anonymous

    Why no story about 88 year old Paul Carroll, a WWII veteran, who was denied his right to vote under the Koch funded/Kasich lead voting limitations act?

    Paul Carroll was not allowed to vote in his town in Portage County, where he has lived for 4 decades, because his Veterans’ Dept. ID was deemed not valid proof of citizenship since it lacked an address. Worse yet, Mr. Carroll, who no longer drives and has a diminished capacity to walk, had hired a driver to take him to the polls where he was refused by a poll worker the right to vote—could this new Kasich endorsed “limitations to voting act,” be more disgracefully applied? This state legislature and governor have no sense of shame.