WOSU News Archives For: February 27, 2012

Troubled Landlord In Court Again

Sam Vazirani
Landlord Sam Vazirani (left) pleaded no contest to misdemeanor code violations. Vazirani did not comply with an order to vacate a property with no heat. Another property he owns caught fire from a space heater. Three people in that home died Christmas Eve.
27, 2012

The landlord whose Franklinton rental home caught fire in December, killing three people, will be in court again Tuesday morning.

Santorum Holding Onto Ohio Lead

Rick Santorum
Rick Santorum's surge in recent polls has him winning endorsements from Republicans like Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.
27, 2012

The latest independent polls says the former senator from Pennsylvania maintains a seven-point lead over former front-runner Mitt Romney.

Were the Auto Bailouts Worth It?

27, 2012

The federal bailout of US automakers has become an issue in the presidential campaign because the Republican candidates opposed them.
Did the federal government bailout of GM and Chrysler help the Ohio economy?

Star House Offers Services To Homeless Columbus Youth

star house cropped
Star House, a drop-in homeless facility, located near the OSU campus serves up to 40 young people a day.
February 27, 2012

Each day hundreds of homeless young people roam the streets of Columbus looking for shelter from the cold and something to eat. But facilities for homeless minors are limited in the city. There is a place near Ohio State where young people can stay during the day, get a hot meal and wash up.