WOSU News Archives For: February 22, 2012

State Regulators Spare Customers, Revert To Old AEP Rates

PUCO says it will look at AEP rate increase after hundreds of complaints. Their ruling is expected to released Thursday.
February 22, 2012

Recent changes had more than doubled the electric bills for some small businesses.

State Investigates Charters For Million Dollars In Misspending

22, 2012

Ohio Auditor David Yost says four Richard Allen Academy schools misspent the money on alcohol, undocumented credit card purchases, and a $172,000 transfer that remains unaccounted for.

Should The State of Ohio Be Involved In The Sale Of Liquor?

22, 2012

Under state law, permitted liquor vendors are actually selling liquor on the state’s behalf. Do you think that’s appropriate?

Real Estate Experts Differ On Rental Permanency

for rent
Demand for apartments in Columbus has increased since the housing collapse. Some industry experts think more people will choose to be renters than homeowners in the future.
22, 2012

More and more people are choosing to rent these days instead of taking the plunge and buying a house. And at least some of that can be attributed to the deflated housing bubble and the ensuing credit crunch. WOSU reports experts disagree on whether the increase in renting is permanent.