WOSU News Archives For: February 20, 2012

Westland High To Re-Open; Still No Source of Mystery Odor

school crossing
Westland High School will re-open Tuesday morning after a mysterious odor caused the school to be closed a week. 14 students and teachers became dizzy and nauseated after smelling the odor.
20, 2012

Westland High School re-opens Tuesday morning after students missed a week of classes because of an odor that sicken more than a dozen people. WOSU reports the source of the odor remains a mystery.

Remains Found At Home Where Lima Girl Disappeared In 1999

20, 2012

The home belonged to the man long suspected in Nicholle Coppler’s disappearance.

Was Santorum’s “Theology” Comment Out Of Bounds?

20, 2012

The Republican presidential candidate used a Columbus Tea Party rally to say President Obama uses “a theology not of the Bible.”

Ohio Shale Deposits Rich In ‘Wet Gas’

Natural gas wells like this one continue to pop up in Ohio and around the Midwest and Great Lakes region.
20, 2012

The price of natural gas is near a ten year low and that’s prompted one major producer to pare production from regional wells. But current market forces favor more development of natural gas fields in Eastern Ohio.

Ohio Mormon Roots Spotlighted As Romney Campaigns In State

Colulmbus Ohio Mormon Temple at 1935 Marblecliff Crossing Court
February 20, 2012

The Mormon religion is drawing a lot of attention because of the candidacy of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.