WOSU News Archives For: February 13, 2012

Westland Students,Teachers OK After Mystery Airborne Irritant

school crossing
Westland High School was evacuated Monday morning after a mysterious odor sickened more than a dozen teachers and students. The Prairie Township Fire Department is still investigating the source of the irritant.
13, 2012

Classes are expected to resume Tuesday at Westland High School after the school was evacuated this morning following a mysterious odor that sickened multiple students and teachers.

Ohio Moves To Create Second Land-Grant College

central state university
Proposal at the Ohio Statehouse would make Central State University a Land-grant college.
February 13, 2012

A proposal being prepared in the Ohio Senate would convey potentially lucrative land-grant status on a second Ohio university, the historically black Central State University.

AEP Brings Gas-Powered Plant Online

AEP Building
American Electric Power's corporate headquarters in downtown Columbus.
13, 2012

The plant uses natural gas instead of coal to make electricity.

Would You Support Defense Cuts That Close Ohio Bases?

13, 2012

President Obama releases his budget this week. The defense department faces as much as a one trillion dollar cut. Do you support defense cuts even if it means the closing of Ohio bases?