WOSU News Archives For: February 9, 2012

Ohio Homeowners To Receive Millions in Mortgage Relief

Ohio will receive $335 from the $25 billion settlement. Attorney General Mike Dewine says $75 million will go toward razing abandoned homes.
9, 2012

Ohio is part of a $25-billion federal state settlement with five of the country’s largest mortgage providers over foreclosure abuses.

Energy Company Says It Can Recycle “Fracking” Water

9, 2012

An energy company has announced a new system for treating wastewater from gas wells in eastern Ohio, where a natural gas boom is underway.

Vice President Joe Biden Returns To Central Ohio

joe biden
Vice President Joe Biden.
February 9, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden is making a second visit to Ohio in less than a month. The Democrat is scheduled to speak Thursday at the Ohio Newspaper Association’s convention in Columbus.

Feeding The Hungry

Francis Carr came to Holy Family Soup Kitchen in 1985 with the intention of staying just a few months, but she says she soon realized "this is where the Good Lord wanted me."
9, 2012

Francis Carr has fed, clothed and offered counsel to some of Columbus’ most needy for the last 27 years.

Should Religious Groups Be Forced To Provide Free Birth Control?

9, 2012

Should the government force religious based employers provide free birth control for their workers?