WOSU News Archives For: February 6, 2012

Steubenville Elementary School Readies For Governor’s Address

Wells Walls
A hallway display at Wells Academy in Steubenville touts the school's high ranking.
6, 2012

Final preparations are underway today at Ohio’s top performing elementary school. The Governor, most of his cabinet, and lawmakers will visit Wells Academy tomorrow for the State of the State address. Principal Joe Nocera says the school uses a “success for all” model to boost academic performance.

What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Commerical?

6, 2012

The Super Bowl is the biggest day of the year for the NFL. It’s also the biggest day for television commercials. What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

Townships Struggle With Calls To Downsize

Townships around Ohio use property taxes to pave roads, provide utilities, and purchase emergency equipment, like this fire engine at the Mifflin Township Fire Department.
6, 2012

The tension between local and state government will be one of the overriding themes as the leaders of Ohio’s 1,308 townships gather for a conference in Columbus this week.