WOSU News Archives For: February 1, 2012

RealtyTrac: Central Ohio Home Prices May Have Hit Bottom

Foreclosed home sale prices have increased - slightly - in Ohio. RealtyTrac, which follows market trends, said this could be a sign home prices have finally hit bottom.
1, 2012

In a possible sign that Central Ohio home prices have finally hit bottom, sale prices of foreclosed homes are rising – slightly.

Cincinnati Casino Construction Official: No Bolts Missing

Horseshoe Casino site in Cincinnati.
February 1, 2012

A construction management official says a review of structural connections at the Cincinnati casino where a collapse injured more than a dozen workers found no bolts missing.

Parole Board Votes Against Clemency For Convicted Child Killer

Michael Webb was convicted of murdering son Mikey in a 1990 house fire near Cincinnati.
February 1, 2012

The state board on Wednesday said there is not enough doubt to warrant a new trial or clemency for a man convicted of killing his son in a house fire.

Honda To Invest $218 Million In Anna, Russells Point Plants

Honda Marysville
A recent downgrade of expectations for profits in 2012 is not stopping Honda from expanding production at plants its main engine and transmission plants.
1, 2012

The auto manufacturer will produce new parts at a plan in Anna and add an assembly to a factory in Russells Point.

State Regulators Approve Highway Project Delays

Despite being one of the major dangerous interchanges in the state, ODOT administrators say a statewide funding shortfall will delay a planned overhaul of the I-70/I-71 interchange in downtown Columbus by as much as 17 years.
1, 2012

The Transportation Review Advisory Council has unanimously approved ODOT’s plan to delay some projects as long as 24 years.

Does Mitt Have The GOP Nomination In The Bag?

1, 2012

After his victory in the Florida primary, Do you think Mitt Romney soon will capture the GOP nomination for president?

Do You Think Romney Will Win The GOP Nomination?

1, 2012

Do you see the former Massachusetts Governor taking on President Obama in November, or will it be someone else?