WOSU News Archives For: January 22, 2012

State Leader Wants To Recognize College Benchmarks

Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Jim Petro
January 22, 2012

The overseer of Ohio’s higher education system is proposing that students should get a career-readiness certificate after one year of college and an associate’s degree after two years, even if they’re working toward a four-year degree.

Ohio Legislation Would Boost Farm Loan Program

Farm Tractor
A farmer working his fields.
22, 2012

Republicans have proposed Ohio legislation that would give the state more money to make discounted loans available to farmers who want to grow their businesses.

Ohio Annual Home Sales Increase Slightly In 2011

For Sale
House for sale.
22, 2012

Data from a real estate listing service shows home sales in Ohio last year increased in comparison with the previous year for the first time since 2005. The head of the Ohio Association of Realtors says sales of new and existing homes totaled 99,881 last year, up slightly from 99,741 in 2010. But the average [...]