Gov. Kasich Says Moving ‘State’ Speech Worth Cost

Gov. John Kasich(Photo: State of Ohio)
Gov. John Kasich(Photo: State of Ohio)

Ohio’s governor says any added public expense associated with moving his State of the State address to an economically troubled eastern Ohio city is worth it.

Republican Gov. John Kasich told reporters Friday that holding his second annual policy speech in Steubenville gives a boost to a region that’s been ignored. He says “it’s so great to give people a lift in a part of the state where they have been beaten down for generations.”

Kasich said the city’s reaction “has been somersaults.”

The speech will be held at the award-winning Wells Academy school. It is traditionally held at the Statehouse in Columbus.

Statewide officeholders, Supreme Court justices, Cabinet members and 132 lawmakers typically attend. Kasich said some may decide not to charge the state for their travel.

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    precedent for Kasich in Steubenville
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    In 1973, having been re-elected by a landslide, President Nixon proclaimed that he would break tradition by delivering a series of state of the union addresses, first to Congress on Feb 2, culminating in an address to a joint session of the South Carolina General Assembly on Feb. 20. At the time, I saw a swing toward overt hostility by members of Congress and the Washington press corps, which accelerated through the president’s resignation. Gov. Kasich might want to take heed of this precedent for spurning one’s own legislators and capital press corps folks. Perhaps the governor ignores history at his own political peril.

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