WOSU News Archives For January 2012

Ohio Pro Sports Venues Cost Taxpayers Millions In Upgrades

nationwide arena pic
Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio
31, 2012

In recent weeks, pro sports teams in Cleveland and Cincinnati have asked government owners of their stadiums for repair money. Here in Columbus, the Blue Jackets are looking to upgrade Nationwide Arena, which is to be owned by taxpayers. WOSU reports on who will pay for the upgrades.

Job Fund For Communities Part Of Ohio Democrats’ Plan

The Ohio Statehouse
January 31, 2012

Democrats in the Ohio House say they plan to push for more oversight of the state’s new private job creation entity, and they want to create a fund to help local communities put police and firefighters back to work.

Bexley Mourns Death Of Mayor

John Brennan was elected to his first term as mayor of Bexley in 2007 after several terms on city council.
January 31, 2012

John Brennan won a second term last year, despite being open about his ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer.

Ohioans Begin Casting Early Ballots

Voters have 35 days to cast ballots by mail, at boards of elections via in-person early voting, or on election day.
31, 2012

Voters have 35 days to cast ballots by mail, at boards of elections via in-person early voting, or on Election Day.

Democrats Call For Changes In Inspector General’s Office

Ohio Inspector General Randy Meyer.
January 31, 2012

Democrats say Randy Meyer’s recent speech at a Republican fundraiser is proof that the position has become too political.

Should The Governor Appoint The State’s Chief Watchdog?

31, 2012

Democrats say the Inspector General’s recent speech at a Republican fundraiser is proof that the position is too political.

Death Of Man Found In Columbus Trash Ruled Homicide

Rumpke Recycling
Dean Reinhard's body was found amid cardboard being unloaded from a Rumpke Recycling truck.
30, 2012

Columbus Police say they have no suspects in the killing of a man whose body was found in trash dumped from a garbage truck.

State Veterinarian Euthanizes Leopard Kept After Exotics Escape

One of the spotted leopards being held at the Columbus Zoo after their Zanesville owner committed suicide.
January 30, 2012

Officials have euthanized a leopard that was among six creatures kept at an Ohio zoo since their suicidal owner released dozens of exotic animals that were subsequently killed by authorities.

Wendy’s Earnings Fell Nearly 30 In Final Quarter of 2011

Mmm!  Wendy's!
The Dublin-based hamburger chain says income fell nearly $2 million compared to the same quarter of 2010.
30, 2012

Revenue rose slightly in the last three months of 2011, but income fell by nearly $2 million during the same time.

Ohio Churches Denounce Birth Control Mandate

Catholic churches around Ohio say they will not obey with a mandate to offer free birth control to employees of many church-owned institutions. The mandate covers hospitals, universities, and other institutions whose purpose is not expressly religious.
30, 2012

Catholic churches around the state are criticizing the federal government’s decision to require many church-operated institutions to offer employees access to free birth control.