WOSU News Archives For: December 22, 2011

Advocates, Utility Companies Split Over EPA Standards

Conesville Smokestacks
Smokestacks billow emissions from AEP's Conesville Power Plant, about 70 miles east of Columbus.
22, 2011

Environmental and public health advocates are praising the new emissions standards as a victory. Utilities say they’ll cost jobs and money, and could lead to electric shortages.

Year In Review: Ohio’s Budget Battle

ohio flag
The new budget cut $8 billion from state agencies, local governments, nursing homes, and others.
22, 2011

The fight over a $55 billion, two-year spending plan was one of the many events that divided the legislature in 2011.

Do You Think North Korea Will Change?

22, 2011

With the death of Kim Jong Il, the dictator’s son, Kim Jong Un becomes North Korea’s leader. Do you think North Korea will change after the death of Kim Jong Il?