WOSU News Archives For: December 15, 2011

New Map Moves Mary Jo Kilroy To Pat Tiberi’s District

kilroy files
Former congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy of Columbus filed petitions for 3rd district race last week.
15, 2011

Mary Jo Kilroy’s plan to run for Congress in the new Franklin County district has been thrown a curve. The map approved Wednesday by Ohio lawmakers moves Kilroy’s Clintonville home into the 12th congressional district, a seat now held by long-time Congressman Pat Tiberi of Genoa Township.

House, Senate Pass New Cong. Map, Move Back To Single Primary

The Final 2012 Congressional District Map
15, 2011

The two chambers agreed on a bill that establishes a slightly more Democrat-friendly Congressional map and returns to a single March primary.

Death Penalty Author Testifies Against Law

Justice Paul Pfeifer helped write Ohio's death penalty law as a state Senator in 1981.
December 15, 2011

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Paul Pfeifer helped craft Ohio’s death penalty statute in 1981. Now he think it should be abandoned.

Should Ohio’s Death Penalty Be Changed? Abolished?

15, 2011

Ohio Supreme Court justice Paul Pfeifer is calling for the end of Ohio’s death penalty, calling it a “death lottery.” Supporters say it’s a just punishment and deterrent to crime. Should Ohio’s death penalty be changed? Should it be abolished?

Salvation Army’s ‘Adopt-A-Family’ Brightens Holidays

Salvation Army Christmas Gifts
A Columbus area child will receive this bike for Christmas this year as part of the Salvation Army's Adopt-A-Family program. 580 families received gifts this year, a 16 percent increase compared to last year.
15, 2011

Families who need help the most this holiday season picked up presents donated to them through the Salvation Army’s Adopt-A-Family program yesterday.