WOSU News Archives For: December 7, 2011

Police Seek Assailant in Ohio State University Robbery

7, 2011

Police continue to look for a man who robbed an Ohio State University employee in his campus office at gunpoint December 6th.

Senate Hearing Brings Praise, Criticism Of “Heartbeat Bill”

Ohio Statehouse
The so-called 'Heartbeat' Abortion bill gets its first hearing at the Ohio Statehouse.
7, 2011

The controversial bill finally got its first hearing in the Ohio Senate, where it was both hailed and denounced by pro-life and pro-choice activists.

New Ohio Drivers’ Licenses Has Commentator Seeing Pink

Ohio's "salmon"-colored license will soon be replaced with a blue one.
December 7, 2011

The Kasich administration is taking a little bit of praise and a lot of flack for its redesign of the Ohio’s license plate and driver’s license. Count WOSU commentator Andrew Miller among the critics.

Ohio Falls Into Bottom Third In Health Rankings

The report from the United Health Foundation ranked Ohio poorly on air pollution and spending on public health programs.
7, 2011

The United Health Foundation ranked the state poorly on air pollution and public health programs.

Last-Minute Push For Return To Single Primary

A group of Democratic elections workers from around the state is urging lawmakers to come to a last-minute compromise to avoid two primary elections next year.
7, 2011

A group of Democratic elections officials is trying to move back to a single primary election next year.

Democrats File For New Columbus Area Congressional District

kilroy files
Former congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy of Columbus enters the Franklin County Board of Elections to file petitions for 3rd district race.
7, 2011

The race for congress is shaping up in Central Ohio’s new 3rd district. A democratic primary next spring will feature two seasoned candidates…possibly three….all with name recognition at the polls.

For Which Ohio Pro Team Would You Buy Stock?

7, 2011

The Green Bay Packers are offering fans to buy stock in the team. Which Ohio pro sports team would you buy stock in? The Blue Jackets, Bengals, Crew…. How much would you be willing to pay?