Ohio Consumers’ Counsel Resigns

Janine Midgen-Ostrander(Photo: Ohio Counsumers' Council)
Janine Midgen-Ostrander(Photo: Ohio Counsumers' Council)

The head of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel has resigned after seven years of service.

Janine Migden-Ostrander called her decision extremely difficult citing a decision by the General Assembly to cut the agency’s two-year operating budget from $8.5 million to $5.6 million.

In a statement issued today, Midgen-Ostrander said, “I am leaving because the current environment makes it impossible for me to serve the only way I know how-as an advocate focused on achieving results for the public.”

Midgen-Ostrander has accepted a position as principal consultant with the Regulatory Assistance Project.

She will be replaced by Deputy Consumers’ Counsel Bruce Weston until a permanent replacement can be found.