Ohio Dems Consider a Ballot Challenge Against Maps

Ohio flag(Photo: Flickr)
Ohio flag(Photo: Flickr)

The chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party says the organization is considering launching a ballot repeal effort against a Republican-drawn congressional map, should it clear the GOP-controlled Legislature.

Chairman Chris Redfern said he plans Wednesday to hold a call with Democrats to discuss their options.

He says he’s also gauging support for a referendum among progressive organizations and other groups.

The map faces an expected Wednesday vote by an Ohio House committee.

Critics say the map packs Ohio’s Democrats into four districts to create 12 districts that favor GOP candidates.

Redfern called the map “dizzingly gerrymandered.”

The Legislature must redraw current congressional boundaries by December with two fewer districts because of Ohio’s declining population.

Ohio House Elections Committee Chairman Matt Huffman defends the proposed boundaries, saying they follow the law.

  • Bobkro

    I am one of the “lucky” ones to be included in the proposed OH-15 district that snakes around the central and southern parts of the state and involves 13 counties and thousands of square miles. I don’t see how any congressional representative could possibly serve the interests of such a far-flung constituency. But then, that’s apparently not the point of this exercise, id it?