Gov. Kasich Wants SB5 Compromise

(Photo: (file))
(Photo: (file))

Governor John Kasich and other fellow republicans want to reach an agreement with labor unions on Senate Bill 5 which would call off a fall referendum. Kasich has asked to meet with 10 union leaders involved in the group pushing for the law’s repeal on Friday. We Are Ohio said in a new release Wednesday afternoon the governor’s approach to a compromise “flawed.”

The controversial law, signed by the governor in March, would prohibit strikes, take away collective bargaining rights and reduce government contributions to public employees’ pensions.

Supporters of the bill say it brings public worker benefits more in line with the private sector.

  • Anonymous

    the time to compromise was before the bill was passed…unions offered the economic results the governor wanted. He just wanted to be Koch head like Scott Walker and run the unions out of public life. NOW when the people (remember them Mr Kasich?) have made it clear that they are not happy (1.5 million signatures later) he wants to talk. He should have offered to respond when folks were protesting all winter at the capitol.

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  • John Burik

    Public workers *do* pay a share of their benefits. Any disparity in a private/public consideration must also factor in the fact that public workers don’t qualify for Social Security (unless they have worked in private sector sufficient quarters). Referring to public workers as freeloaders with Cadillac plans is disingenuous at best. From my perspective the bill has lots more to do with things other than benefits.

    Primarily I believe it’s political payback, a strike at Labor, and at Democrats. As a citizen I’m most concerned about SB 5′s prohibition against teachers discussing class size or cops’ inability to discuss cops per car in high crime area.

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